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Therapeutics Department No.3 (therapy, neurology, endocrinology)

An important direction of the neurological unit is the diagnostics and treatment of patients with difficult diagnoses, such as atypical forms of stroke, neurodegenerative diseases, and cognitive impairment.


The pathology of the endocrine system is represented by the metabolic syndrome, various forms of disorders of carbohydrate metabolism, pathology of the thyroid gland, pituitary-hypothalamic zone, suprarenal capsule. An early screening of osteoporosis, selection of therapy.


The therapeutic group of patients is represented by pathology of the cardiovascular and bronchopulmonary systems, problems of nephrology.


The department conducts comprehensive drug and non-drug therapy using all types of rehabilitation treatment, physiotherapy, underwater traction, gala camera, HBO, blood ultraviolet, plasmapheresis, acupuncture, hirudotherapy.


The Department team sees another priority in its work that is effective use of the existing material and technical base of the Hospital - MRI, CT, PET, a wide range of laboratory diagnostics and etc.