In-patient Department

Therapeutics Department No.1 (therapy, pulmonology, gastroenterology)

Yelena Lukina, Chief of the Department, physician of the highest qualification grade, recipient of the award for excellence of healthcare, holds the rank of the Best Chief of 2014

Therapeutics Department No.2 (therapy, cardiology, rheumatology)

Gulbanu Knyazova, Chief of the Department, physician of the highest grade, passed scientific residency training under Bolashak program in Great Britain; author of over 20 scientific publications.

Therapeutics Department No.3 (therapy, neurology, endocrinology)

Gulnara Kargina, Chief of the Department

Highest qualification grade in the specialty of Internal Medicine.

Karaganda State Medical Institute in the specialty of Internal Medicine

Master’s degree in the specialty of Public health organization, the University of Cambridge, Great Britain

Passed residency training in the specialty of Internal Medicine in clinics of Korea and Russia

Somatic Department

The Somatic Department provides care patients with a therapeutic profile.

Surgery Department No.1 (otorhinolaryngology, neurosurgery)

Talapbek Azhenov, Chief of the Department

Physician of the highest qualification grade, Doctor of Medical Science, graduated from Aktyubinsk State Medical Academy in 1998.

During 1998 – 2001:– postgraduate training program in the specialty of Otorhinolaryngology on the base of Kazakh State Medical Academy.

In 2002 upheld the Master’s Thesis. During 2006 – 2009: doctoral program in the specialty of Otorhinolaryngology and X-ray diagnostics.

In 2010 upheld the Doctor’s Thesis.

Surgery Department No.2 (general surgery, gynecology)

Yergali Gabbasov

Chief of the Department

The highest grade in the specialties of General Surgery and Abdominal Surgery.

Graduated from Tselinograd State Medical Institute in 1990.

Passed training in the courses of Surgery of thoracic and abdominal organs, Surgery of esophagus and gastro-intestinal tract, Laparoscopic surgery, Endovideoscopic surgery, Endovideoscopic interventions in abdominal and thoracic surgery in the leading medical centres of foreign countries.

Surgery Department No.4 (urology, general surgery) Urology, general surgery

Yerlan Yensebayev - Chief of the Department, practical experience of 30 years - Professor, Dr. habil. med., urologist of the highest category

Surgery Department No.5 (cardiac and vascular surgery)

Zhenis Kozybayev - Chief of the Department

He graduated from the Karaganda State Medical Academy, clinical residency and postgraduate studies at the Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Curgery named after A.N. Bakulev, Moscow.

Operating Unit with Transfusionology

Timur Achilov - Chief of the Department

Surgeon of first qualification category, traumatologist -orthopedist, combustiologist. MMS.

Admission Department

Alma Ramazanova - Chief of the Department

X-ray Surgery Department

Sergei Musayev - Chief of the Department, Doctor of the highest qualification category

Anesthesiology, Life Support and Intensive Care Unit

Bauyrzhan Babashev - Chief of the Department, High level certificate physician