New type of outpatient cataract treatment

Present days for Astana and other region citizens’ cataract surgery on the outpatient basis is available in MCH PAA RK.

Treatment is done by means of minimally invasive surgeries of phaco on an outpatient basis.

Arrangement and patient referral to surgery is simple and accessible, though patient is not put on Portal of Hospitalization Bureau.

1. About cataract surgery, you can come to ophthalmologist consultation on a free basis to surgical department №3 in our hospital (block A3, 6 floor).

2. Ophthalmologist examines you, does ultrasound of the eye, and gives you consultation list and list of analysis for surgery preparation.

3. After that ophthalmologist makes referrals for tests.

4. With the analysis results, you are coming back to the department for follow up and in the absence of contraindications; appointment for ambulatory operation is made.

5. In the day of surgery, you have to come in the morning fasting with referral to ambulatory operation to the department of primary care ophthalmologist.

6. After surgery patient stays two hours in recovery room.

7. After recovery room patient is examined and send home with recommendations of ophthalmologist, next day comes back for check-up.

8. Further assessment made in policlinic according to the place of residence.