Regulation on Ethics and Deontology Committee

General Provisions

1. The Ethics and Deontology Committee (hereinafter the “Committee”) is established as an independent expert body under RSE on the BECR Medical Centre Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter the “Hospital”).

2. The Committee shall be guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Public Health and Healthcare System”, Laws of the RK “On Procedure of Examination of Applications from Individuals and Legal Entities”, “On Administrative Procedures”, State Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other legislative acts and other regulations in the field of healthcare, and the present Regulation.

3. The Committee is the independent expert body exercising the protection of rights, safety, and well-being of patients and employees of the Hospital.

4. The Committee provides ethical, deontological, and legal evaluation. 

Purposes and Objectives

5. The purpose of the Committee activity shall be the observance of ethics and deontology by the Hospital’s employees.

6. The objectives of the Committee include:

1) examination of applications of individuals and legal entities on matters of medical ethics and deontology;

2) submission of decision to the Head Doctor about the examination of disciplinary liability of persons committed violations;

3) main functions of the Committee include:

  • provision of methodological assistance, consulting and training of heads of structural subdivisions of the Hospital on issues of ethics and deontology;

  • examination of matters of dispute not regulated at the level of structural subdivisions;

  • holding of meetings, training workshops.


7. The composition of the Committee shall be revised each year and approved by order of the Head Doctor.

8. The Committee shall be composed of the Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretariat, and members (at least 5 persons).

9. The Committee shall have the right to involve independent experts for the purpose of holding consultations or examination of matters about the observance of medical ethics and deontology. 

Procedure of Work

10. Meetings of the Committee shall be held at least each quarter and shall be considered as qualified when at least a half of its members are present at the meeting.

11. Decisions of the Committee shall be taken by the simple majority of votes of the Committee members by open voting subject to the presence of the quorum and shall be finalized with minutes of the meeting. The minutes of the meeting and recommendations of the Committee shall be signed by the Chair and the executive secretary. 

Rights and Responsibilities

12. The Committee shall have the right to:

1) receive information from chiefs of structural subdivisions with respect to application of any given individual or legal entity about violation of the ethics and deontology norms by the Hospital employees;

2) apply for help to any other independent experts and consultants, which are specialists in various fields;

3) provide explanations, recommendations, instructions and take decisions on matters falling within the scope of its competence;

4) put forward proposals on improving the work of structural subdivisions on the matters of ethics, conduct monitoring of their activity;

5) exercise other rights pursuant to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

13. The Committee shall ensure:

1) the quality and fairness of the examination of applications of individuals and legal entities on matters of ethics and deontology;

2) maintenance of confidentiality;

3) documenting of the Committee’s activity, determination of the procedure of holding meetings, keeping minutes of the meetings, notification of its members about forthcoming meetings and the organization of meetings;

4) proper and opportune performance of functions stipulated by this Regulation;

5) organization of the Committee’s activity for the performance of assigned objectives and functions. 

Additional information is available in the Organisational and Methodological Department (F Block, 3rd floor, Office No. 7)

Secretary of the Ethics and Deontology Committee Meirbayeva D.A.

Contact number 707973