26 November in Medical Centre Hospital of PAA of the RK was held congress “ENT-society” Astana.

ENT specialists were given an opportunity to not only present their reports but also have an excursion in Hospital and visit rooms: Outpatient ENT room, imaging, dressing room, patient’s ward and allergy center. Hospital representatives gave an opportunity to the guest to be acquainted with the apparatus where patient treatment is conducted. It has to be pointed out that Medical Centre Hospital of PAA of the RK cooperates with all hospitals of the country and will be glad to perform diagnostic and treatment, which cannot be performed in other clinics.

Congress program:

Chairperson: academic R.Tulebayev

Co-chairman: doctor of medical science G. Muchamadieva


1. «About Medical Centre Hospital of President’s Affairs Administration activity»

Doctor of medical science K. Shakeev – deputy head doctor on surgical matters

2. «ENT of Medical Center Hospital of PAA of the RK »

Doctor of medical science T. Azhenov – head of ENT department

3. «Condition and development perspectives of ENT »

Doctor of medical science A. Baimenov – chief ENT freelance

4. «Neoplasia in larynx»

Doctor of medical science G. Mukhamadieva – head of ENT center №1, Astana

Chief ENT freelance, Astana

5. «Mechanism of action of hypertonic solution during ENT-diseases»

K Bekmagambetov

Medical representative of pharmaceutical company «Seltphar СА» Astana

Excursion, coffee break

Pic1. All participants

Pic2. ENT room