Today in Medical Center Hospital of President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan started first presentational qualification upgrade cycle under master of endoscopic surgery, professor V. kotlobovski supervision “Safe endoscopic surgery

From 19 October started first presentational qualification upgrade cycle “Safe endoscopic surgery basis” with KARL STORZ technical support, which is free of charge. Master class participants were- doctors of city Hospitals of Astana and Petropavlovsk and surgeons of Medical Center Hospital of PAA of the RK.

Participants of seminar get training on interactive lectures and practical lessons on simulative training equipment, which allows working out with high accuracy all necessary experience.

Master class is going to last until 24 October and will take 5 days. As a lector of master class doctor of medical science, expert- consultant, Professor V. Kotlobovski is invited.

In the future plans such qualification upgrade cycles on endoscopic surgery will be conducted in not only basic but also pre-advanced, advanced and expert level on a paid basis.