Nurse Training School

Regulation on Nurse Training School

The development of healthcare system depends significantly on the professional level and training quality, rational distribution and use of nursing staff as the largest component of personnel resource in any healthcare facility. Today, nursing care becomes an individual occupational category in the healthcare system.

Development trends of nursing care increase materially the role of a nurse in the present-day healthcare system. At present time, the Comprehensive Plan of Nursing Care Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan has been developed and approved in accordance with the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Public Health and Healthcare System”, State Program for the development of healthcare in the Republic of Kazakhstan “Salamatty Kazakhstan” for years 2011-2015, Comprehensive plan of human resources development in the healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan for years 2013-2016 approved by Order of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 20 December 2013 No. 190-r.

Along with reforming of nurses education it is proposed to introduce new healthcare facility functioning mechanisms where doctors and nurses organizational structures have the same rights; introduction of a register of specialists in nursing care and nursing documentation, introduction of innovative nursing technologies, development of present-day evidence-based nursing practices, fundamental and applied nursing science, re-distribution and clear division of functional duties between doctors and nurses of various levels.

Great importance is attached to the development and improvement of the continuous education system, in particular, advanced training of personnel, professional development of nurses working in practical healthcare.

The MCH of the PAA of the RK thanks to the availability of unique high-tech equipment is able to provide the tertiary care in all areas of modern medicine.

Introduction of international standards of good scientific and clinical practice is expected. At the present day, about 400 nurses are employed with the MCH of the PAA of the RK, which fact requires development of special conditions and organization of effective measures to increase their professional level. In this connection, the establishment of the Nurse Training School for the professional development of nurses will have a positive impact upon the quality of provision of medical services.