The objectives and priorities of the Center


Implementation of research projects in the field of gerontology (the main objective);

Development of methodological approaches to achieve effective delivery of gerontological service for population;

Collaboration with local and foreign organizations within the framework of joint work in the field of scientific and educational projects;

Seeking grants and other programs of financing for scientific projects in Kazakhstan and abroad.

Research priority areas:

Development of methodological approaches towards preventive medicine for the early detection and prevention of the risk of premature aging in individuals with metabolic syndrome;

Development of evidence-based programs for identifying early risk of occurrence the most common age-associated pathologies and determination of the age scale (ruler) risk of major age-related diseases in fixed cohort;

Study of the social determinants in biology and psychology of aging within fixed cohort considering the distribution of the changes' gradient in health status at different levels of civil service;

Risk assessment of early cognitive disorders and seeking effective markers for prevention based on a study of the brain's functional activity by MRI.