Department of Physiotherapy and Conventional Therapy

Physiotherapy is the integral part of the rehabilitation after serious injuries and in case of chronic diseases of various organs; it is the aggregate of various diseases treatment methods through the use of physical factors, such as electric current, magnetic radiation, heat, air, light, and many others.

The Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration conducts procedures for attached population and other patients on paid and contractual basis, for both indoor and outpatients.

The Department is staffed with highly skilled medical personnel, who passed training in the CIS and other foreign countries.

Reflex therapy is the science and art of medical care and health improvement through the impact exerted on biologically active points of body with special medical acupuncture needles.

Reflex therapy also perfectly serves the purpose of preventative treatment: for relaxation and raising the vital tone and activity of body.


Su Jok therapy is the method using a microsystem of points located on feet and hands for exertion of Impact.

Medical impact is exerted with the use of needles inserted into the body at biologically active points thereby mobilizing the powers of organism and directing them to eradication of disease.

Hirudotherapy is the method of alternative medicine, one of directions of naturopathy, treatment of various human diseases with the use of medicinal leeches.

Therapeutic modality: the therapeutic effect from medicinal leeches is induced by several factors:

  • Dosed bloodletting (5 to 15 ml of blood per each leech depending on the mass of leech and the duration of application);

  • Effect of active substances of leech’ saliva;

  • Complex of response reactions of organism to puncture, biologically active substances of leech’ saliva and subsequent blood loss.

Manual therapy is a set of treatment techniques consisting in manual impact upon anatomical structures of body to eliminate any detected restrictions with the aim of freeing from any functional blocks and restoring the circulation of liquids so as to create the optimal locomotor condition of a person resulting in the improvement of his or her life quality.

The Department of Physiotherapy offers all types of electro-light therapy with the use of the most advanced units made in Czechia, Germany, and Belgium, with individual programs:

  • Therapeutical range light waves (sunlamp, Bioptron, laser, UV irradiation)

  • Low frequency direct currents (magnet therapy, electrophoresis, pulse currents)

  • Ultrahigh frequency (UHF, SHF, darsonvalization)

  • Fango-paraffine therapy

  • Inhalation therapy

  • Ultrasound

  • Electric sleep (transcerebral electrical stimulation)

  • Various types of massage: classical, therapeutic, hardware massage

  • Acupuncture (Su Jok)

  • Manual therapy

  • Hirudotherapy.

Shockwave therapy is the method of exerting impact on bones and connective tissues with various energy level acoustic impulses.

The short-term impact results in elimination of pain syndrome, induces softening and destruction of bone overgrowth, lumps and spasms in muscles, relieves inflammation, improves blood circulation and performance capability of muscles.

Psammotherapy is a procedure when human body is immersed in fine, screened and clean sand.

Psammotherapy has the double effect upon the human body:

Heat effect

Dry and evenly warmed-up sand has warming effect, which induces desudation, activates blood circulation, lymph flow, and stabilizes metabolic processes inside of body tissues.

Mechanical effect

Normally, sand grains have irregular form with clear cut and often even sharp edges, thanks to which the sand grains exert mechanical effect upon nerve terminals of skin; patients experience the sensation of relaxation and complete rest.

Lymph drainage is the device exerting effect on the lymphatic system of a person by means of compressed air supplied through special sleeves; it is intended for draining liquid and byproducts from the intercellular space and improving lymph circulation.

Advantages of the method:

  • the effect is already notable after the first procedure;

  • does not require any special preparation of patient;

  • results are maintained during a long time after completion of the course of treatment;

  • is used for both preventative and medical purpose;

  • can be combined with other cosmetology procedures (body wraps, heat exposure);

  • can be applied in case of contraindications to other types of lymph drainage (electrical myostimulation, electrophoresis, manual massage, ultrasound).

Vacumed is an innovative high tech vacuum therapy device helping to control peripheral vascular diseases

Principle of action of VACUMED device:

The principle of action of VACUMED device is based on alternation of negative and normal pressure upon the abdominal area and lower extremities.

Thanks to negative pressure, capillary tubes are widened and the number of active capillaries is increased resulting in the improvement of blood supply in tissues. Consequently, tissues receive more oxygen and are enriched with nutritive substances. During the normal pressure phase, blood and lymph pass through capillaries faster and activate the metabolic process.

General magnet therapy is the treatment by simultaneous effect exerted on the whole organism of individual by heterogeneous low frequency cyclic rotating magnetic field.

The general magnet therapy with the use of ALMA device has spasmolytic, analgetic, anti-inflammatory, and immunocorrecting effects; magnetic fields also have influence upon the metabolism. The magnet therapy exerts effect upon protein, carbohydrate and other forms of metabolism, improves cellular nourishing at the molecular level.

PUVA therapy is one of the best effective types of phototherapy. This method includes combined effect of soft ultraviolet light and psoralens (drug substances of plant origin) on the skin. That ultraviolet light helps quickly deal with the problem of body skin rush, which results in the improvement of patient’s condition

Halotherapy Is a drug-free treatment based on reproduction of artificial environment most closely resembling the conditions and environment of salt caves.

Health benefits

  • Improvement of flow properties of bronchial contents;

  • Increase in drainage function of respiratory passages;

  • Normalization of humoral and cellular immunity of patients suffering from chronic lung diseases.

Cryotherapy (or cold treatment) is a treatment and general health improving procedure based on short-term contact of skin surface with gas cooled down to minus 110 – minus 60°С.


  • analgetic;

  • anti-inflammatory (one course of cryotherapy is equal to 3-4 years of intensive cold water treatment);

  • immunostimulatory and immunomodulatory (strengthening and restoration of the immune system);

  • anti-edemic;

  • relaxing (effective method of stress release);

  • reparative (healing).

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