Department of International Relations

Department of International Relations

Medical Centre Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter the “MCH”) develops the tradition of international cooperation and partnership with foreign medical organizations. The main objective in this area is to take the Hospital to the international level in the field of diagnostics, medical treatment and rehabilitation, to ensure its integration into the global medical system. Core tasks of the Department include: development of medical tourism (patients referral to foreign clinics and reception of foreign patients for treatment in the MCH); arranging of medical treatment of foreign citizens residing and working in Kazakhstan on a commercial and paid basis and on the basis of mutual settlements with international insurance companies; arranging and holding of international events; translations from foreign language; preparation of materials for printing or posting on a website in foreign language.

For the purpose of establishing long-term contractual relations, we have made bilateral signing of Memorandum of Intentions with 30 clinics all over the world (Europe, Asia, and America). Our partners are leading clinics and large medical centres from 15 countries of the CIS and beyond. Agreements on medical treatment have been signed with 35 foreign Missions (embassies) accredited in Kazakhstan. We work with international organizations (EU Delegation to the RK, UNICEF, UNDP, IOM Mission in the RK, Statoil, World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, OSCE) and several international insurance companies (VanbredaInternational/AP Companies, Henner-GMC Services, HTH Worldwide'/GeoBlue, CignaInternational, AETNA International, BUPA, FALCK TravelCare). We enjoy support from tour operators of Astana such as International Travel Plus, KazAviaTour in attraction of foreign patients for medical treatment in the MCH and the development of medical tourism. We participate in international summits, conferences and fairs dedicated to clinical subject matters and medical tourism. 
Employees of the Department have a command of English, French, and Turkish.

Services for foreign patients

The Clinic represents a closed cycle of medical services, starting from outpatient preventive health care, diagnostics, inpatient department providing the secondary (SHC) and tertiary health care (THC) with regard to all types of nosology, and up to post-hospital rehabilitation. Various examination programs (checkup) are available.

The International Department provides support for optimal organization of medical treatment in the MCH and offers the following services: 

  • Express processing of your request within 3 business days;

  • Preparation of individual medical examination or treatment program;

  • Arranging of consultation and reception by a specialist;

  • Preparation of cost estimate or invoice;

  • Issue of medical invitation for visa purposes;

  • Hotel booking;

  • Arranging of Airport-Clinic/Hotel-Airport transfer;

  • Solving of organizational and administrative issues;

  • Provision of medical documents at discharge from the Hospital in Russian or English.

All services are provided free of charge except for translation or interpretation services (Russian, English, French). 

For our patients there are available comfortable single or double rooms with individual sanitary units and shower cabins, hairdryer, cable TV, and free Wi-Fi. There are sensible diet meal 6-times daily, which takes into account desires of a patient, a special drug store, where medical supplies are available for sale. When necessary, the International Department can provide foreign patients with additional services (entertainment, tourism). 

Phone/Fax +7 7172 70 79 97
+7 7172 70 79 98
+7 7172 70 78 80 (вн.7113)

Office hours: Mon-Fri 09:00 to 18:00. 

Block F, 3rd floor, office 54.