History, Mission, Vision

The Medical Centre Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan was opened in Astana in 1997 in view of transfer of the capital of Kazakhstan from Almaty. The primary goal of the Hospital is delivering of secondary and tertiary health care for government employees and certain categories of citizens attached to the Hospital for their special services to the Republic of Kazakhstan. Medical services are also available for everyone on a paid basis.

Within the Hospital there are 18 diagnostic and treatment departments fitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment. Furthermore, all doctors and nurses when accepting for employment pass careful selection according to qualification requirements. The staff of the Hospital includes Doctors and Candidates of Medical Science, doctors with the highest and first qualification grades. All specialists pass training and refresher training courses in leading clinics in the CIS and other foreign countries.

The above listed features allow delivering of a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services conforming to the highest world standards. Today, over 90% of all surgeries in the Hospital are made with the use of endoscopic technologies. All medicaments being used are registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Diagnostic procedures and treatment schedules are based on the principles of evidentiary medicine.

At present, the Hospital provides 1,444 types of medical services; over 900 item names of diagnostic, treatment and auxiliary equipment of worldwide famous companies are in operation.

In 2012 the Cardiovascular Metabolic Syndrome program was developed. That program will allow assessing the epidemiologic situation and main pathogenetic mechanisms of cardiovascular metabolic syndrome formation in government employees, which in turn provides the opportunity to develop and implement interdisciplinary prevention programs for the increase in the healthy period of life of attached population.

Doctors of the outpatient department work under SCORE program, which allows detecting of a high risk of cardiovascular complications in patients.

In the outpatient department work on early detection and opportune treatment of patients with oncological pathology is conducted. At present, the intense integration with Nazarbayev University and the National Centre for Biotechnologies in the area of scientific research is in progress.

In October 2014, the MCH passed state accreditation of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan and obtained the maximum score among all health care facilities of the city: 0.98. The Accreditation Certificate is valid during 4 years.

Since 2006, the MCH has been accredited by TÜV International RUS International Certification Company with annual validation of the certificate with respect to ISO 9001:2008 standards of quality. In April 2013, the Hospital was reissued the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate of Conformity.

The next step on the way of improvement of rendering high-quality medical services is JCI international accreditation, which offers exciting possibilities for the provision of medical care within the framework of medical tourism. Preparations to that accreditation are already underway.

Mission: Achievement of the high level of health of the serviced people by carrying out effective prevention and rendering qualified and specialized medical care with the help of high-technology methods of treatment, diagnostics and rehabilitation.

Vision: Creation of a unique multi-field, patient-oriented health care system based on national and international standards of quality and hospital management, leadership in the science field, education and innovations in internal and external health care services.