Internal Medicine Department No. 3

Internal Medicine Department No. 3

Internal Medicine Department No. 3

(Internal Medicine, Pulmonology, Endocrinology)

The Department provides highly skilled medical care in the areas of endocrinology and neurology with the use of the latest examination and treatment methods.

Considering the diversity of the RSE MC Hospital of the PAA of the RK, we can offer all necessary methods of laboratory diagnostic, hormonal and immunological examination, a wide range of functional diagnostic techniques as well as ultrasound, X-ray (including computer-aided and magnetic resonance) and radionuclide diagnostics.

The objective of our specialists is to choose the most effective therapeutic methods with minimal traumatization: prevention of limbs amputation, eyesight preservation and recovery, maintenance of kidney function.

For patients with endocrinologic pathology requiring surgical treatment we conduct preoperative preparation and endocrinologist’ supervision during the post-operative period.

Specialists of the Department conduct medical treatment of acute disorders of cerebral circulation, dyscirculatory encephalopathy, after-effects of cerebral accidents and other nervous system disorders. 

For patients of neurological profile after cerebral accident the Department offers all conditions for successful recovery and aftertreatment of patients.

Gulnara Kargina

Chief of the Department

Qualification grade

Highest qualification grade in the specialty of Internal Medicine


Karaganda State Medical Institute in the specialty of Internal Medicine

Master’s degree in the specialty of Public health organization, the University of Cambridge, Great Britain

Passed residency training in the specialty of Internal Medicine in clinics of Korea and Russia

Contact numbers of the Department: +7 7172 70 80 27, +7 7172 70 80 59