About the Hospital

The Medical Centre Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan was opened in Astana in 1997 in view of transfer of the capital of Kazakhstan from Almaty. RSE Medical Centre Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter the Hospital) is the advanced health care facility delivering highly skilled secondary and tertiary health care for government employees and other categories of attached population, and to other patients on a paid basis.

The core strategic direction for activities of our organization is the continuous improvement of the quality of medical care. From February 2011, the Hospital has been successfully audited every year for the compliance with ISO 9001:2008 International Standards. According to results of external comprehensive assessment and the decision of the Accreditation Committee of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development, in October 2014 the Hospital was recognized as accredited for 4 years.

In 2007, in the building of the House of Ministries an outpatient department for 450 visits per shift was opened. Another one landmark event was opening of a preventative department in autumn 2010, which is aimed at conducting complete diagnostics and detecting of diseases at the earliest stages and preventing of diseases.

In 2011 the Allergy Centre was opened where the latest allergen specific immunotherapy methods are applied. Today, the international JCI accreditation with respect to medical standards of quality and patients’ safety is in active preparation. The Hospital comprises the outpatient department for 1,000 visits per shift and the inpatient department for 212 beds. The staff of the Hospital includes holders of doctoral and post-doctoral degrees in medicine, doctors with the highest and first qualification grades. All specialists pass training and refresher training courses in leading clinics in the CIS and other foreign countries.

The lines of future research activity of the Hospital will include personalized medicine, metabolic syndrome, gerontology and anti-aging treatment, pharmacogenomics, and pre-nosological preventive care of oncological diseases, robot-assisted surgery. Within the Hospital there are over 40 diagnostic and treatment departments including nuclear medicine, cardiovascular surgery, interventional cardiology, artificial kidney, and altitude chamber. This unique healthcare facility comprises the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies that are applied by the world leading medical centres. Sixty percent of high-technology equipment of international manufacturers in our new Clinic was for the first time ever delivered to the CIS territory.

The Hospital pays much attention to the introduction of the latest high-technology diagnostic, clinical and laboratory equipment at all stages of outpatient and inpatient treatment and post-hospital rehabilitation. Diagnostic and treatment programs have been developed in the area of preventive medicine according to the latest standards, which involve the application of the latest research methods of radionuclide diagnostic: positron tomography combined with computer tomography, single-photon emission computed tomography for the early detection of heart and stomach diseases and for determination of cardiac, endocrinological, neurological and oncological diseases.

For the first time in the Republic of Kazakhstan we have installed the ‘Hybrid operating theater’ allowing one-stage performance of several various surgeries. The surgery suite is completely equipped with the ‘Clean room’ system, electronic control system, state-of-the-art endoscopic equipment. A wide range of endoscopic equipment; and 8 surgery suites of the latest generation are capable of making minimally invasive procedures of increased complexity. Today, over 90% of all surgeries in the Hospital are made with the use of endoscopic technologies. All medicaments being used are registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Diagnostic procedures and treatment schedules are based on the principles of evidentiary medicine. 

The new X-ray diagnostics and laboratory equipment allows making high-definition and information examination; genetic typing of cells is in the blueprint stage. The Centre is unique because of its diagnostic and treatment programs in the area of preventive medicine according to the latest standards, which involve the application of the latest research methods of radionuclide diagnostic. These efforts contribute to early detection of cardiac, endocrinological, neurological and oncological diseases. In terms of the increase in the preventive trend, various profile check-up programs are introduced and continuously improved.

New technologies have been implemented in the record system of the Hospital including the Infomed information system. Case records of patients are based on electronic cards of patients and digital image processing, which supports paperless operation of the Clinic. The above listed features allow delivering of a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services conforming to the highest world standards.